Explain Your CSA Scores!

There’s always more than one side to a story.

As we all know, CSA scores alone don’t provide a complete picture of motor carrier safety. We can’t rely solely on inspections and audits when making hiring decisions. What makes a good carrier goes beyond CSA scores.

So while the Department of Transportation’s notorious CSA scores look at getting reworked, we are pleased to offer all ScoopMonkey users our CSA Score Explainer, a new feature where you can provide anyone that views your company profile a deeper explanation of why your safety or maintenance scores are below a threshold or the reasons behind why you improved your ratings.

Here's how a typical CSA Score Explainer works.

Here’s how a typical CSA Score Explainer works.

You wouldn’t pick a new restaurant simply by looking at that restaurant’s city or state health inspections, yet this is how we choose companies in the trucking industry. Inspections, log books, and these various federally mandated thresholds play a part but don’t paint the entire picture. How well a company does business should not boil down to a number, so we hope you take advantage of this ScoopMonkey feature to offer your customers and potential customers more context and a story behind the number.

To access the CSA Score Explainer, simply login to your ScoopMonkey account, click “Profile” at the top of the Dashboard, and scroll down to the CSA Score Explainer to provide a writeup.

And be sure to let us know what you think of the new feature.