Truckers have stories to share. You hear them in truck stops and on ScoopMonkey.

ScoopMonkey offers carriers, brokers, and others in the trucking industry a set of tools to manage their reputations both online and in the real world. Through our powerful Ratings and Reviews engine, FMCSA Data Change Alerts, and SMS Score Explainer, you can protect yourself and your business in one of America's biggest, toughest marketplaces.

Get the ScoopMonkey advantage and know before you load.

Ratings and Reviews

ScoopMonkey's powerful ratings and review engine offers real freight reviews from real freight professionals. We help you make better decisions about the individuals and companies you work with in the trucking industry.

FMCSA Data Change Alerts

The government is watching you, so we watch the government for you. Get automatic, real-time email alerts directly to your inbox or smartphone whenever your government data changes.

Review Response

Your reputation is all you've got. That's why ScoopMonkey gives you the chance to respond to reviews about your business. You can thank someone for their compliments or offer up your side of the story on complaints.

Verified Pros

When you sign up for ScoopMonkey, we ask you to provide very basic contact information, including your DOT or MC number. We quickly verify your information with the issuing authority to make sure it's legit. That means there are only real truckers here.

Real Information - Not Just Numbers

Load boards and subscription logistics services offer "free" access to broker credit scores and carrier FMCSA safety management scores. But numbers alone won't tell you if a broker regularly leaves drivers idling at the dock or if a trucker has a notorious no-show problem. That information can only come from real reviews shared by real freight professionals.

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